Conferences and Meetings 

Phi Delta Chi offers reoccurring national events and conferences which promote leadership development, career connections, self enrichment, chapter development and fraternal brotherhood and gatherings. Occurring on different years or seasons, Phi Delta Chi hosts our regional conferences, Leader-Development Seminar, and Grand Council, at least one which will be present each academic year.  



Regional COnference

8 regions of Phi Delta Chi exist across the United States (Great Lakes, Mid- Atlantic, Midwest, Mountain, Northeast, Pacific, South-central, Southeast) each of which owns its own regional conference. Regional conferences are hosted bi-annually, and are hosted by a different chapter within the respective region. Hosting chapters are chosen based on a cyclic rotation in which each chapter of each region rotates in hosting. The Beta Alpha Chapter (St. John's University) last hosted the Northeast Regional Conference in 2018, and will so again in 2040. Regional Conferences offer opportunities for regional development, networking, and reconciliation of Brothers. 

Leader-development seminar

The Leader-Development Seminar (LDS) was first held in conjunction with the 57th Grand Council (Monterey, 1989). The LDS is a national event hosted in the summer of even numbered years, and is an opportunity to further develop Phi Delta Chi Brothers as Leaders in Pharmacy. Working in cooperation with the Pharmacy Leadership & Education Institute, Phi Delta Chi is the only professional pharmacy fraternity to offer a week dedicated to develop and strengthen the leadership skills of its Brothers.


Rotated around the country, typically on college campuses, the LDS is stand-alone program held in the summer of even-numbered years. All future leaders in Phi Delta Chi are encouraged to attend.


Grand council

Chapters of Phi Delta Chi meet every two years at Grand Councils to discuss the state of our fraternity and maintain inter-chapter relationships and bonds. Hosted in the summer of odd numbered years, this bi-annual event is also an ideal opportunity to meet not only other pharmacy students, but pharmacists across the nation. Since 1900, Phi Delta Chi has held Grand Councils in different cities throughout the United States.